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Just thinking  / Chyna Spears (Family friends )  Read >>
Just thinking  / Chyna Spears (Family friends )
I was at the hospital that day with the Justmans. They wouldn’t let me see you because I was young. I remember looking at you from a window. Reading about you in the papers. I’ve never forgotten about you, after all these years. I hope your mother is doing okay. Your memory still resonates. Yellow butterflies. Close
Thinking of you  / Friend (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Friend (Friend)
The song that was originally on this page came on the radio today and I was flooded. Thinking of you and especially this month XOXO Close
Thinking of you  / Friend   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Friend
Thinking of you today as I do every year. As I get older I realize how soon you were taken from us. Hopefully you're up there having a blast with Joe these days. XOXO Close
Forever / ..   Read >>
Forever / ..
I want you to know that I will never love anyone like I loved you. I am forever altered by who you were and what you meant to me. Close
Thinking of you on your birthday.  / TERRI KAY (FRIEND)  Read >>
Thinking of you on your birthday.  / TERRI KAY (FRIEND)
Thinking of you on this day and many others.  I miss your presence around my house.  You would be right in the middle of your wonderful life right now and wish you had the chance to be here with us.  Sweet dreams beautiful girl..... Close
.. / .. ..   Read >>
.. / .. ..
A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam and for a brief moment it's glory and beauty belong to the world but then it flies again and though we wish it could have stayed... we feel lucky to have seen it. Close
Memories / Mom   Read >>
Memories / Mom
Memories are so precious when it's all we have left, it keeps us holding on to the ones we love, it's who we are and it's what we NEVER want to lose.... Close
DANG it. I guess you gotta face the bad days.  / :( :) (:))  Read >>
DANG it. I guess you gotta face the bad days.  / :( :) (:))
I thought time will heal everything. I kept telling myself time, time, time or she is in a better place. Which I know you are in a better place. Angels like you deserve the best. I just can't believe I had you and like that you were gone. I have been trying to run from this pain but you know what sometimes I am just going to have bad days. That will never change. I have been scolded on the fact I had an easier time with some elderly relatives that passed away but they were older and suffering. They got to live YEARS and years of life. Its different with you because it just is. I don't need to explain myself. OK well here goes: Im angry, Im sad but I can't be selfish right? I need to be thankful I even met such a perfect person. I just don't know what to do. It is never as fun, it is never the same. NO one is you. People have said I need to move on this is crazy that I can't move on. Well they don't know anything about my loss. You were with me I was with you. Like we always said us against the world - Tupac. The ones who have judged my pain and sorrows since I lost you were never there in my life. They never really understood me and still don't. You understood me I understood you. All these years I have been lying to myself. Trying to ignore this pain. Friends come and go... boyfriends come and go. It just isn't the same, that long lost connection I had with you and your amazing energy can light up a whole city in a black out. :) So strong, brave, mighty, tough, courageous, caring, considerate, generous, thoughtful, loving; the best. The best friend, daughter, sister, cousin or girlfriend anyone could ask for. I feel robbed. :( I feel angry. It's just one of those bad days I have been pushing down and down deep in my heart. But its just like a DEEEEP wound it's easily reopened. It occasionally likes to peek through and say hi. I feel better releasing all of this. I can't avoid these feelings or "PRETEND" or drown myself in work, or the gym or in desperate hopes I will get some sort of connection or bond with someone like I had with you. I need to face it it's not reality. The bond we had is a childhood bond that you grow up with and you can always pick up where you left off. Well I believe I am robbed of this. I can always share it with the ones you were closest too. When I am around ppl who were close to you it almost feels like you are going to walk in the door or you are in the room but I just can't seem to see you. I personally think everyone sucks. I don't like this pretentious, back stabbing, egocentric bull shit... We never had that. I remember my car was your car, my clothes were your clothes, your truck... well ... lol I don't think I was mechanically inclined to redo the spark plugs... thats cute. :) no but truly your truck was my truck too. You were a freaking blast Jen. You never used me... you were a genuine true friend. More than a friend we are sisters. :) Seriously... I can't express to you the light feeling I had in my life when you were in it. Nothing was heavy or hard with you around. You were a bright happy positive shining light in my child bearing years. :) I am so thankful I had you. Truly... where would I be if I hadn't had you? You helped me fight through it all and made me feel amazing. Someone actually adored who I was and had time for me. The laughs .. the jokes... the innocence in our youth. Some say I am a dweller and live in the past but I think I have handled this situation the best way I could. Just because we aren't BLOOD sisters doesn't mean we weren't close like sisters. To me you are my sister. To be honest I always looked up to you but at the time was to proud to admit it like a Chihuahua barking like a pit bull. HAHA. You would be proud of me now... I was lifting weights with BIKINI FITNESS PROS!!!! I even out did some of them.. push ups with weights on my back. :) That was a way for me to release some of the pains I carry from the losses I have had in my life. Screw curves for women LMAO. Sometimes I just want to fast forward through this life. It really isn't that great. I hope life after death ships you to another planet where its peaceful, no greed, or evil... everything is free... like the best foods in the world and beautiful locations and only the good ones can be there. The debbie freakin downers have there own shit HOLE of a planet to go to. haha... yeah I know totally out there... but it sounds like heaven. lol just like we are when we are born. HAPPY innocent carefree and MOST importantly TRUE to who WE ARE. Its like a FIGHT in this life to be who you are. Its absolutely ridiculous. You know I had this dude tell me "You're just drama, you love drama,"! HAHA well I am thinking screw the hell off... you don't even have man balls. I tell him there is something I don't like and he can't eat or he will literally puke. I am talking petty stuff too. Talk about a ROYAL PRINCE....ESSSSSS IN MY ASS, haha. I will say though he always has ears for me to talk about you and he even feels like he knows you... So I think that is another reason his Hyenas--- paininmyass- is around. He is loyal and there when I need it and super helpful and up lifting so that works. But lets face it... no guy is ever gonna be as fun as you. ALL THE WOMEN MISSED THE MEMO on that one... lol I think that just is how it is... men just are not as fun as us girls being girls. We really know how to have fun. ahhh i feel better just lettin it all out. :) Ill make a trip to Show Low it's been a while since I was up there... It got to be really difficult going to the cemetery (I hate that word cemetery) uhhh new name please, Yeah Idk why but I just get a gut wrenching feeling thinking about that place. :'( Love and miss you girl you are always in my heart and of course you're on my mind. Close
9 years  / Leah Stuart (Friends)  Read >>
9 years  / Leah Stuart (Friends)
     I can't believe its been 9 years already. Time has really flown by yet I still think of you all the time. Our fun times in Holbrook and Show Low will always be a constant reminder of how great of a person you were. I dreaded going back to Show Low and when I found out you were going to be moving there too I was so relieved because I was getting one of the people from Holbrook who had a huge spot in my heart and it made that move a little easier. I remember the struggles you had first moving there but you overcame them and so much more. You rocked in everything you did and everybody loved you! Along the way we lost touch, you went your way and I went mine but we always knew we were there for each other. If there was something bugging me all I had to do was call you up and you would set my mind at ease. You still do to this day. When I go to visit you I know I can say any and everything that is driving me nuts and even though you can't tell me "agh don't worry their not worth your time" lol I know you can hear me. You always had a way with telling me how it is whether I wanted to hear it or not that's what made you such a good friend. You were honest and didn't sugarcoat anything I loved that about you. I will always miss our time together, I will always miss you until the day we meet again. You are forever in my memories and knowing that I have that helps with the pain of not having you here. Your memory keeps you alive in spirit and keeps you with me and everybody else who loved you. Thank you for being the amazing person you were and being there for me whenever I needed you. I love and miss you crazy girl!
Song lyrics  / Timothy Foley (Show Low resident )  Read >>
Song lyrics  / Timothy Foley (Show Low resident )

Hello my name is Timothy Foley.  I am a 27 year old Show Low resident.  On June 13th, 2012, I was walking through the Show Low graveyard, and found myself sitting on Jennifer's memorial bench, and reading the stone and the cement.  I had a hunch that though I didn't know Jennifer, if I brought my mandolin to her bench the next day, I might compose a beautiful song about her.  On June 14th I returned and worked on a song for 3 hours.  What a peaceful place!  On June 15th, I met her mother, and after she left, I finished the song, complete with chords.  Because it came so beautifully and organically, I share.  I'll share the audio as well, when I record it.

My Own Sky

By Timothy Foley

Verse 1

Like the wind, blowin' through the chimes, I'm around....

Oh how can I explain the times that I've found?

See I traded my body for a new one, thank you Lord!

Now I can see much better than you can, I'm never bored!

And of course I'm sad I left,

In a way you are bereft


I see your tears, and hear your fears,

But I see much clearer, from up here,

I see the face of Amazing Grace,

And He says, "Wait, let them use their faith

To climb up to, beautiful you,

All that is true, all things new,

Then they'll see-


That I AM soaring confidently,

In my own sky, come and see,

I AM soaring confidently,

In my own sky, come and see!"

Verse 2

Like the butterflies, dancing in the breeze, hear them sing!

Like the sun shining down on the trees, in the spring!

My spirit never died, it transformed

Know I've found a safer place to hide, from harm

You're moving on quite well,

I know it's kinda hell,

I see your tears, and hear your fears,

But I see much clearer, from up here,

I see the face of Amazing Grace,

And He says, "Wait, let them use their faith

To climb up to, beautiful you,

All that is true, all things new,

Then they'll see-

That I AM soaring confidently,

In my own sky, come and see,

I AM soaring confidently,

In my own sky, come and see!


Wishing you were here..  / Emilee (Little Cousin :) )  Read >>
Wishing you were here..  / Emilee (Little Cousin :) )
I hope in heaven god lets you watch over your family..and I hope he let's you see how much you've touched so many lives. How much we all just wish you were here... In 21 days John is getting married.. And it's another time in our lives when we will all stop and wish with everything we have that you could be here to celebrate with us. Maybe even give a really embarrassing speech ;). In february katee had twin girls! They're beautiful Jen you would've loved them! I hope i can be as great as an aunt as you were jen. I think back on my memories and i take lessons on how fun you were how easy to talk to how spirited! You helped us all so much and we looked up to you.. You taugh us to love unconditionally, which for me is the greatest lesson of life... I just feel like you had so much more to show me. To show the world. If only you were here.. As I continue to celebrate each morning I wake up, I'll thank god that I did get to know you for as long as you were in my life and I won't regret any day I get. But I will always miss you and will always be sadden that I had to learn this lesson the hard way. I love you Jen, Emilee i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)i am never without it(anywhere i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done by only me is your doing,my darling)                                                       i fear no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true) and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart) E.E. Cummings Close
Thinking of you  / Cortney Clark   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Cortney Clark
Wow!, it's been awhile since I have been on here and I am sorry for that. But I want you to know I have not and will never forget about you. I miss you Jen. Love you always! Close
Been thinkin about u latley <3  / Hope Serna (Cousin)  Read >>
Been thinkin about u latley <3  / Hope Serna (Cousin)
So I'm a senior now! I member when I would go vist u and we would always play tag! Man I look up to u so much Jen! Well what got my thinkin about u is my mom told me the other day that I reminded her of u! That we have the same spirit :) Wow! I was so happy when she told me that cause u were so funn and everyone loved u! Jen I sure do miss u! I went to ur moms 50th birthday party and I saw all the pictures of u! Just realized I miss u very much! Lovee u Jen Close
We were a rocking duo!!  / Krista M. (bf)  Read >>
We were a rocking duo!!  / Krista M. (bf)
WOW! I had such a vivid dream about you! Rocking out in your volleyball gear and super in shape! I was like jealous and who is that girl in my dream... Ha ha. Then you turned around and we bear hugged =) Reminded me of High School when you demanded we life weights and I was being a stubborn brat.. no curves is the way to go. Look at me now... lifting weights!! What a good duo we were better than we even knew. Always on my mind!! Life is not the same with out your presence. I can dream and that is pretty cool. Ill take what I can get. ;) I am sure you are very proud of me. I made it girl I made it!! It was rough at times but they made me tougher. I am INDEPENDENT all the way baby!! What a beautiful thing. Hope you liked my new clothes I spoiled myself with. Wish you were here so I could pick out your clothes and do your hair and make up. I am so good now might learn gel-nails soon. I love them!! They don't chip. Being a free woman is awesome! Miss you always... love krista Close
MiSsIn U n WiShIn YoU wErE hErE  / D.   Read >>
MiSsIn U n WiShIn YoU wErE hErE  / D.

Hey there beautiful... I miss u so much.. I hate looking back n seeing such a beautiful face that was taken away from so many people... U would brighten anyones days on the worse of all days.. U had this touch to u that would make anything n everything b better..

I wish i could go back n change that night n still have u here by all our sides.. Just having that someone to talk to.. Having that one person who can b there for u like a sister.. Miss u so much.. Life is such a struggle.. N I know if u were here u would b able to help me breath n think straight.. I look at pat n wonder if things would b the same for him if u were here.. u were his lil role model.. he looked up to u even though u were younger.. You were an angel to everyone... Why does god take the ones that can help people and leave behind the ones that do nothing but hurt and damage people.. I will never understand..

Where do i go from here Jen.. Im sittin her at this crossroads alone thinking and thinking. What way is the right way.. There is never a right way.. Cause no matter what path i seem to take I let the ones i love the most down... Even when i come to the end of a path I keep pushing for more.. I might see an open door but with tears in my eyes I cant go.. I cant walk away from my past.. They say dont live in the past.. But no matter how much u try n how u wanna let it go u cant.. U have permanent scars on u that will never go away.. Hardest thing is when u know ur somewhere u really wanna be and then when u look at the ones u love u only see hurt n disappointment in thier eyes.. Time heals n fixes all wounds right.. Im scared some things will never be healed with time.. time only seems to get harder and hurt more... Does it ever get easier.. Does life ever make sence... I miss u jen.. I wish u were here... Would love to see that smile on ur face n know everything is going to b ok... :( <3 you


like a sis  / KRITTA B-iZZle (sis)  Read >>
like a sis  / KRITTA B-iZZle (sis)
Hey woman Ahh yes not much has changed on earth. I think of you I reminisce on the greatest days of my life. You are my angel hidden to the eyes but my heart feels your warmth. Your love will never leave my heart and soul. You might not have been "directly" blood but you loved me more than love itself. You give me hope strength and faith. I am so blessed to have met you. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for having you. You created the best side of me. I want to hold your letter your pictures your gifts and all the love you showed me. Your love is in a locket locked away in my heart. You saw me for me and loved every ounce of energy I had to give. You gave me so much so fast. I wish I could slow it down and go back. I can't wait for the day I just hug you I wont let you go. You are my miracle in life. Anyone that judges me on this my own flesh and blood or whoever can kiss my you know what. You will always have a huge place in my heart and mind. You are indented into my soul. Anyone that has a best friend or even a soul similar to you in their life is the luckiest person alive. I love you Jen. MISS YOU!!! Close
Happy24thBDAY / Krista Mckinnon (sis)  Read >>
Happy24thBDAY / Krista Mckinnon (sis)


I thought of you all day today PRETTY!!!!!

I was driving this morning running my errands in a good mood singing laughing and dancing to FUNKY COLD MEDINA!!!  I could picture your beautiful smiling face right next to me doing the same.



To the loved ones of such a beautiful girl  / Jennifer Patchen-Dixon (Girl so far away that shares the same name. Jennifer Marie Dixon )  Read >>
To the loved ones of such a beautiful girl  / Jennifer Patchen-Dixon (Girl so far away that shares the same name. Jennifer Marie Dixon )

This girl is so loved! She must've been so amazing! The notes and pictures and constant candles being lit for her. Wow you as a family of loved ones are so great. I bet this young lady is in heaven glowing with your love it just beams out of this website. She was so cared for and so dearly missed.

To Jen's mom... You did an amazing job to raise a young lady that is still so loved. Always remember you're the reason her life was so wonderful!

With love

Jennifer Patchen-Dixon

love u sis  / Krista Mckinnon (sis)  Read >>
love u sis  / Krista Mckinnon (sis)
Hey honey bunny!!  I miss you like always and forever.  I want to thank you thank you thank you for being in my life.  It's so crazy I think of you and all of the great memories start to un fold in my head and everything I am around is gone and I literally am reliving all those damn good times I had with you.  I had such a blast with you girl... YOu loved me so much.  We loved each other like flesh and blood.  We are sisters from another mother ;) and father. HAHA!!  2 crazy blonde white girls haha.  Yes of course I still have all of our letters we wrote with the most ridiculous stuff.

The best thing ever is the experience you gave me.  You gave me hope that I can fight the world that was always dragging me down.  I love you so much.  I will always carry you on my back. ;)  You are very special to me and I will never forget anything and you already know this.  From the first time we hung out went riding slumber parties... thank you Diana for being the sweet woman you are and handling us so calmly all those years with the loud wild sleep overs.  007 until 4 in the morning and then jumping on the tramp at 7:00. 

I am so sad you got ripped away but I know you don't like us to be sad... so I will go on and do what I have been doing the past 6 years.  Thank you for protecting me from harm.  I know you have watched over me and you make sure I am safe.  I believe in angels and I can be one of few to say I actually met one.  I have met a lot of people and some are very special... but you my friend are a unique individual.  I live my life through both of our eyes.  You altered my perspective on so many things.  I can't thank you enough for writing me that letter.  I will take that with me to the end and with every single memory still intact. 

I had a new client the other day and she reminded me so much of you.  I have to become her friend.  She had beautiful hair just like yours and I gave her blonde highlights for summer and she got a million foils and a free cond. treatment... I just loved her so much.  Lucky for her she was a lot like you as a person and she got hooked up.  :)  I miss you pretty girl... blow me some kisses and a huge monster hug.  If I meet you again wear football gear because I might tackle you down with the biggest hug ever!!!!  I think I can kick your ass now too ;0 haha thats right.  Kritta hits the big boys gym now and lifts weights. 

I know you know how I am doing in life.  Having a blast meeting genuine good people that love me and enjoy my company.  Of course mostly anyone that means anything to me knows all about you too.  You are forever and always my best friend.  My business is going awesome I am so big now.  Huge clientel and I am my own boss.  I love it so much so lucky to have found my passion.  I am donating my time and services to children with health problems or homeless.. whatever the case I want to help out.  I love making people feel good and look good.  It makes me feel so good when I help others!!!  Well I better get going I have a business meeting early a.m with my networking group.  I pretty much have the day off... but I need to find the charity organisations to start donating too.  Oh by the way isn't my trainer the sexiest hunk of man ever???  Yes yes I know still boy crazy as ever. 

I feel like I need to take a road trip to pay my respects to your family and give them all gorilla hugs.  I miss you all hope you are all doing great. LOVE KRISTA Close
Thinking of you  / Acquaintance   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Acquaintance
Hey Jen you and I didn't really know each other...we met once. I'm friend with your friends however. I think about you all the time. I come visit this site from time to time as well...It's been almost six years now and we are all still in shock...even for those of us that didn't get to know you as well but those of us like myself who even got to meet you once...well I was blessed I got that one time. I always think how you should have a facebook or a myspace but you never got to see those things and well it's just weird to me. You are older than me and when I graduated from college I thought about you...I thought how this is what you were supposed to be doing...I think about you when I'm alone and looking up at the sky...I know you see me looking at you and I cant wait to meet you again one day. Close
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