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:) / Krista McKinnon (sis)  Read >>
:) / Krista McKinnon (sis)
Hey Jen!!!  I haven't been on here in a while and I thought i'd stop by and drop a few lines.  The other day I went to Chevlen to look on the bridge and find where we carved both of our names and believe it or not after searching and searching I found it.  I can remember it like yesturday... we were just kids running around on the bridge looking for a spot to carve our names.  I took a picture of it with my phone.  The pic. didn't come out to well so I'll have to take a real camera sometime and take a good one!!  I can't believe I found it.  I didn't even want to go to Chevlen just because it's so close to "The Creek" but I had to find our names.  I absolutely refuse to go near "The Creek".  It's just after all that happened I don't want anywhere near that place.  It's not filled with giggles, and fun...  it brings tears to my eyes.  Just look at how many people have gone out there for fun and then their families end up picking out their casket.  It's just not a fun or safe place.  I guess anything can be dangerous but I don't want anything to do with that place.  

Oh Jen I freaking miss you so much.  My life has completely changed.  It's so hard w/out your big loving heart.  You had so much love for me that I could have lost everyone in my life and I would have been able to pick the pieces up and someday be OK!!  You made it all better.  When I lost you I lost half of me.  You have no idea how bad I wish I could hear your system bumping and see you outside waiting for me.  Or the trips to Hensleys and then to your moms work everyday of the summer!!!  I remember that one day we were cruisin around in your truck and I think my parents or both our parents were stressing us out and we were like screw it... lets have fun and be us and we were listening to some "Good Charlette" song that was perfect for what we were going through.  Now I have to cry to myself about things that go on and try to give myself the best advice... it really really sux :(  I can't decide things on my own just like you couldn't we had each other.  We could solve or fix anything when we were together because we both wanted the best for each other.  Well I guess it all comes down to memories and thanking god for letting such a precious angel come into my life.  I thank god every day for giving me the best friend in the whole world I wouldn't have traided you in for anything. I love you Jen!!!!  JD the DJ can't wait till' we meet again. Love yuh like a sis. 
Blessed by your love......  / Mom   Read >>
Blessed by your love......  / Mom


All you touched felt the glow of your kindness, you came to me bringing stories of magic, your eyes bright with joy ( I loved how you would tell me from beginning to end about a movie you had seen or a book you had read ).

No challenge could hold you ( remember how hard your first day of Volleyball practice was in Show Low at a new school )? I was awed by your courage and blessed by your love.. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'd give anything to have you back, anything! 

Thank you  for being a part of my life, my Jennifer.

I'll take you with me wherever I go, forever..

I love you yesterday, today and even more tomorrow.....

Just thinking about you.  / Jessica Capone (Long lost friend )  Read >>
Just thinking about you.  / Jessica Capone (Long lost friend )

Jen aka Mouse,  

I know its been forever and a day since I've seen you but I think about you more often than not.  I remember hearing about what happened but it was too late to do anything but cry.  Its been 7 years since I've lived in Holbrook and the same amount of time since I've seen you.  Although it was that long ago it seems like just yesterday that I could see your smile and hear your voice.  Thats why I always called you mouse.  Your oh so sweet little voice you were my little mouse.  Although we never got to share those great high school memories that everyone hopes to have with their friends in high school I still remember the way you could make me just smile with the sound of your voice.  I miss you Jen although I never got to say goodbye I do.  I love you and your family is always in my prayers.  I'll see you someday.  Watch over me little angel my little mouse!! Luv always and forever Jessica

Lost / Meg Pergeson (Friend Forever )  Read >>
Lost / Meg Pergeson (Friend Forever )

Jen I really miss you. This feeling has yet to change..I still get chills when someone,anyone mention's your name or has anything to say about what happened it's almost like you know and your there..???!! I wish I could be with you. I know some day... But when Jen?? seriously... How long am I suppost to wait??I wish I knew!Im still not used to the fact that it's gonna be a while before i can see you. but believe i cant wait.I'll miss you  the same years from now...nothing will ever change or let me forget such a special person like you. Some of the best time's I ever had were with you. You always made me feel like the most important person around even tho that's the same feeling anyone had that was with or around  you.  You were so loved...And still are. Im sure you know now and got the biggest grin on your face.. :D I seen baby Jen like two days ago and the whole time i looked at her I thaught of you cause i knew how much you wanted melisa and pat to be happy..And how excited you were for them to  have a baby. You took care of all of us Jen. We miss you dearly... love and tears-meg

another day goes by, as new tears fall  / Krista McKinnon (sis)  Read >>
another day goes by, as new tears fall  / Krista McKinnon (sis)
       I was just thinking of you and how much we all miss you.  I went to visit your grave the other day and I wrote you a letter while I was there.  I still can't believe this is really REAL<<  It feels like the impossible isn't as impossible.  There was a fatal accident the other day that I think just had 2 passengers and they were both killed.  It was a head on collision.  A little 14 or 15 yr. old girl passed away.  My thoughts and prayers are w/ there family and friends.  There just beginning to live what we've been living for almost 2 yrs.  I can't believe its gonna be two yrs. Jen.  That's insane to me.  I can't believe how one min. we can be here and then next min. were gone.  I guess it really isn't something people want to think about.  Never in a million yrs. did I think I would lose you.  This is a living nightmare.  
         Your niece is so beautiful.  She's a minnie Jen!  I ran into Jesse a couple of weeks ago and he seemed like he was doing ok.  Pat and Melissa are doing really good.  I haven't seen Tamica in a long time.  One of these days I'll have to stop by.  I can't even remember when I seen your Mom last... I need to go visit her.  I miss you sooo much Jen. :(  Oh yeah I got my license to do hair finally lol... Yeah I know I've been a little slacker lately.  I'm single and happy, but I just wish you were here with me single and happy!!!  I'm def. not ready for a serious relationship.  I just wish things were different and we were living it up together making more great memories.  I will always cherish the million and one memories that we made 2-gether.  By the way right now I'm listening to Boys II Men "Yesterday" and it is perfect to this whole situation.
The Farthest Star!  / Diana (Mom)  Read >>
The Farthest Star!  / Diana (Mom)

Oh, how I miss your face, voice and that sweet, sweet heart of yours...

Where did you go? I read somewhere that heaven is beyond the farthest star in the sky. Is that where you are? So far away from me. Are you o.k.? Are you lonely? I am.

I realize I've been in a state of constant denial or numb since you've been gone.  I don't know when that changes or if it ever does. It is after all, impossible for a mother to say goodbye to her child. I will never say goodbye! I wont leave you behind Jen ~ I take you through life with me wherever I go. As long as I live, so will you .

The day I buried you I couldn't fully understand what was "lost" or what "forever" meant. I know what it means now.

For the rest of my days until I see you again Jen I will always look for the farthest star in the sky and hope that you are happy, warm and loved until we are together again.

Forever Broken hearted without you, Mom

i really miss you  / Kayla Mcpherson (cousin)  Read >>
i really miss you  / Kayla Mcpherson (cousin)
Jen was like a big sister to me and i really miss her.
when ever her friends wanted her to hang out with her i would start to cry because i would miss her but she didnt like to see me cry so she would always take me with her no matter what her friends thought. i remember she would always call me her baby girl and tell me how beatiful i was and always brushed my hair. i remember talking on the phone with her . i would call her right after school right up to my bedtime. she would listen to everthing i had to say and i would listen to her when she would talk about all her friends.i would call her and put the phone down and play my violin and she would always grade on how good i played!!!
                                                     kayla mcpherson (baby girl)!!!!!!!!!!!! Close
A Mystery  / Kristy Dennis (Friend)  Read >>
A Mystery  / Kristy Dennis (Friend)
Hey Jen, haven't written to you in a long time besides lighting candles so thought I would now that I have a chance.  It is such a mystery to me why things happen the way they do and I haven't quite figured out why God took you from us sooooo soon.  I miss you like crazy Jen.  Even though we didn't remain close once you moved to Show Low I still thought you were such a special person and I think that anyone who has known you probably thinks the same.  I charished the time that we did have together though..  I remember all the good times that we had together and how you used to always hang out with me and the rest of my family.  You loved my family because we were all so fun to hang out with and were always doing something fun.  You were so excited about Baby Jacob being born because you just loved babies just like you loved your nieces and nephews.  I remember when you, my sister and I were all together one night hanging out and we were going to my house to go and talk to my parents or something and we thought we saw a ghost.  It was so funny because we were freaking out and we turned around to go and talk to her and see if she was a ghost and you got scared when we pulled up next to her on the side of the road and started screaming and we just drove off so scared....  We went and told my parents and they thought we were crazy but I really think that lady was a ghost, she looked like she was glowing and you thought you were so tough saying you would talk to her and then chickened out once we got up to her, you were always so much fun to hang out with and always, always had me laughing and I think I did the same for you.  It is when I remember times like that when I miss you the most even though I am always missing you.  You were like another sister to me Jen and we had so much fun together and even got into some trouble every once in a while but what kid doesn't.  I just wish that I would have spent more time with you now that I know what happened but that is the problem, I didn't know this was going to happen or I would have done so many things different.  The only thing I can do now is write to you and hope that you come to visit in my dreams.  Well, this semester is going good so far and like I told you before you better be at my graduation or else, lol!  I miss ya girl!!  Love & miss you Jen like always, Kristy Close
:( / Melisa (sister)  Read >>
:( / Melisa (sister)

Hey Jen!!!

I really do wish that I could have changed this Jen!!! Seeing the whole family hurt and not seeing you is way hard!!! I know we will all see each other again someday but it's too long to wait. I wish that I could talk to you. I could count on you for everything. There has got to be a reason for this and I know what happens to us but my gosh!! I don't understand why he took you so soon!!!! We still have Peewee he is getting so old and not doing good but we can't get rid of him because I know how much you loved him. I really don't understand this at all!!! If I could go back......I am sure everyone would do the same  this affected a lot of people. I am trying to be strong everyday Jen!! I wish I could talk to you so much. You really were my best friend!! Everytime we hung out it was like an adventure we always did something.... always!!! I love you tons and miss you with all my heart. I hope to see you really soon!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy things?!?  / Danielle (best friend )  Read >>
Crazy things?!?  / Danielle (best friend )
Hey woman!  I miss you but then again who doesn't? You won't have to worry about any body forgetting a smile or a laugh like yours you will  be in everyones hearts forever!  I don't know if this is you trying to say something or just having some fun up there but....I have seen for the last three days crazy things happenings with the lights? I went to work the other day and as I was working there is a little lamp close to me that was flickering.  I didn't think anything of it and went into my office and the main lights flickered in there?!  I waked back out into our breakfast room to see the lights flicker again?!  That night I went home and turned on a light and one of the light bulbs blew out!!  The next morning I went to work to find the same things happening.  I know it was not the electricity because it was not all of the lights flickering it would just me one here and there?!  But all the lights are still good and have not gone out for being old or any thing?! I don't know?!  But of all things this morning topped the cake for me!  I went out side to warm up my truck (my pinto) (remind you it's dark when I leave to work) and the inside light was on?!  I was scared because Enrique would have noticed it on the night before when he left?!  So I tryed all the doors and they were all locked and shut all the way?  So I ckecked to see if I turned them on by accident and the switch was not on?  I thought for sure my truck wouldn't start being that the lights were on the batterie might be dead?!  But it started right up!  So I don't know if I am just losing it or if you are having a little fun?!  But every time something happens no I just think of you.  I have not seen it so far since then but if it's you I just want you to know that I still think of our crazy times we have had!!  Miss you and love ya!! Always!!!! 
What a Beautiful Being  / Troy Wagner (Friend)  Read >>
What a Beautiful Being  / Troy Wagner (Friend)
Jen was always a special person to me. 
She wasn't like everyone else, she was different, but different in the most beautiful way possible.  In my eyes she was perfect.  She was tough and athletic and at the same time as sweet and as gentle as any person could possibly be.  We met in our junior year of high school we had math together.  The first time I saw her I was blown away by her gorgeous big smile that seemed to never leave her face.  Getting to know such a sweet being was a privalige, she talked to me and didn't have to she helped me even when it was an inconvenience and never complained.  She was such a sweet and talented person it was hard to find anyone that could say a bad thing about her.  It was a joy to have known her and been able to see what a sweet spirit she was.  My only regret is not being able to tell her so myself, but anyway thank you Jen so much for everything.  

love you girl!!  / Cortney (friend)  Read >>
love you girl!!  / Cortney (friend)
Jen i haven't been on here in a while.. i just had to get on here and say how much i loved you.. and how much i STILL love you.. you are such a sweet girl and i loved every moment we had together.. you touhced my heart ih many ways.. you are doing great things up there Jen.. i know you are. and you are looking down on all of us watching everything we do.. and i hope i make you happy!! i love you so mucha nd i can't wait for the day when i will be up to be in your presence.. but until then you continue to watch over each and every one of us.. your mom needs you and she loves you so so much.. as does many people but noone loves you as much as your mom does.. moms are moms and they have a special love for their daughters.. but keep her strong and be in her heart.. let her know that.. i am so happy that i was able to know you and had hte times i had with you.. i love you girl!!! Close
if only i would have known... :(  / Krista M. (sis)  Read >>
if only i would have known... :(  / Krista M. (sis)

I just want to tell you how beautiful you are and how much I miss you!!  I miss you so much Jen.   Im so sorry things are the way they are.  I know that this is I guess how its supposed to be but in my eyes I still think that I could have done something to stop this from happening.  But anyways... I was just looking at some of your pictures and you are so gorgeous.  That smile I could just stare at it and stare at it.  And that pretty hair of yours.  So long and never ending.  I wish I could get to fix it one last time.  Oh how you loved me to fix your hair.  I loved fixing it as well.  You would get so excited when I would fix your hair.  You thought you were HOTT stuff when I fixed it.  And look now I do hair.  Now that I think about it thats what I was meant to do in life... You were obviously directing me that way.  I always pictured you playing volleyball for college and saving lives or being a verterinarian.  I know thats what you wanted to do but that school was really really hard.  I know you though you were determined and driven anything you set in your mind you would accomplish with all 4 stars.  Oh man how I wish things were different.  I can't believe Im gonna be 20 this summer.  No way not me... were still supposed to be jumping on our 4-wheelers taking off for hours... going to "The Dunes" getting covered in dirt just being us.  Little tom boys.  I miss so many things right now.  I hate myself sometimes for being so inconsiderate and just everything.  I just can't believe this really happened to you.  Its soo crazy to me.  Of all people YOU JEN.  WHY?? I guess god will someday explain it to me.  Nothing will make it sound right or feel right.  I miss you jen so much.  I wish I could just eat lunch w. you and watch you pick off chicken fat or get eggplant parmesean.  Or jerky from Hensleys.  Im so lost w/out you.  Ive been lost and I still am.  Things are better this yr. but Im still soo so lost w. out you.  How could he rip us apart like that.  I *wish* we could have went together.  So then it wouldn't be killing me on the inside.  Well I know your watching over me and taking care of me but I just wish I could get to be w you now.  I havent worn my seat belt ever since you passed away and I know that will never bring you back or bring me closer to you but I just dont see why I should.  If its time its time why try to do stupid things from preventing it from happening.  I know that might sound stupid but thats just how I look at things now,  Jen your supposed to be here w. us!!!  While we are all trying to figure out our paths in life.  Instead now were all alone... trying to fight so many things and understand life.  OH JEN :(  THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for entering my life and especially writing me that meaningful letter.  I will cherish that till' the day I die.  It will never leave my side just like the b-day card and pics etc.  The memories will never be erased nor replaced.  ALWAYS number one.  I love you JEN.  I just like to close my eyes and get taken back to the days when we were hanging out inseperably together.  I LOVE YOU tell tupac i said AINT NEVER HAD A FRIEND LIKE ME... your all time favorite Tupac song.  I love you i love you i love you
                                           LUV YUH LIKE A SIS. KRISTA
I miss that cute voice of yours
saying KRITTA... you loved me so
much.  I'll never have a friend like
you jen.  Your irreplaceable.  :(

Angel in Heaven  / Kenny Jones (never knew her. )  Read >>
Angel in Heaven  / Kenny Jones (never knew her. )
I was surfing the net the other night and I was looking for something when I came upon this site. After looking at this site, I forgot what it was that I was looking for. I never knew Jen, But I fill like I have know her all of her life. I have looked at this site every night for almost a week now and I have cried a many tears for someone that I wish would have cross my life with that smile of hers. I am a songwriter by trade and I am writing a song about Jen from what I have read here. It will be titled ( Angel in heaven ). When I am done, I will write the words on here. Kind regards, Kenny.. Close
Christmas / Janice (Diana's friend )  Read >>
Christmas / Janice (Diana's friend )
Another family gathering without you.  The pain seems to get deeper each day but your memory holds strong.  I am sure you are the most beautiful angel in heaven and that Christmas there is absolutely magnificant.  One day we will all be together again, there with you.  You are missed more every day Jen by all your friends and family.  All of their prayers and thoughts are with you today and always and their hearts are broken without you.  Keep shining your beautiful light down on us and help your family get through the next few days.  I hope too that you have nummy sugar cookies with icing, even though they couldn't possibly be better than your mom's, I am sure they are a close second.  Know your mom's love is with you always, today and even more tomorrow.  Merry Christmas ~Jen~ Close
Warm memories  / Megan Pergeson (Forever Friend )  Read >>
Warm memories  / Megan Pergeson (Forever Friend )

Jen, Remember when me,you and Krista secretly made a snowman family at the court house after we got hot choclate at Mrs Viv's and we put them on the bleacher's and someone slipped in the process?? That was so fun... and someone took a picture and put it in the newspaper?! hehe who woulda thought.I remember when we seen it in the paper we were so excited...But noone knew who made It was us...!I miss you Jen and I'll defently never forget you.I'll Love Yuh Always...Meg Close
Sugar Cookie or Volleyball, hmmmm  / Mom is lost without you!   Read >>
Sugar Cookie or Volleyball, hmmmm  / Mom is lost without you!

God, please hang a stocking in heaven for my daughter and fill it with all my love. I want her to know that she is with me on Christmas and always. 
Maybe, you could add a couple frosted sugar cookies. She loves them.

I miss you Jen!
Who's going to decorate cookies with me, now that you're gone?  I decorated our cookies to be Angels, Christmas Trees and Santa's ~ but  you made the most perfect "volleyballs".  On my long, long list of things I miss about you Jen, I have to add "volleyball sugar cookies" .  

Thinking of you  / Kim Mc   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Kim Mc
A Christmas Tree for you Jen, thinking of you. Love Ya Kim

Teleflora's Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree Close
why, why, why  / Krista M. (sis)  Read >>
why, why, why  / Krista M. (sis)
      This is so unfair.  I cant believe this has happened.  I was just downloading some songs by the temptations and I came across build me up buttercup... and what does that remind you of?  Camping w/ "The Sernas" July 4, 2003!  Thats when we really started having a ton of fun.  Im so sorry this had to happen.  I wish I could go back and fix everything.  I wish that I could just get to see you one more time.  I was reading what people write and I think we all have huge regrets.  I know I sure do.  I know Megan really does...  She'll never go eat at The Mesa because the day you got in the wreck you guys were going to go eat there.  I've tried to get her to go and she just won't.  You know how stubborn Meg is.  Im soo sad right now I just want to close my eyes and be in High school again and get to do it all over again.  I just can't imagine you really being gone.  Im sorry if I have let you down and Im sorry I havent gone to your grave in a while.  I just don't know what to do anymore.  But one thing is for sure I will always and forever luv you like a sis.  You are my best friend and we all miss you so much.  If we could trade places w you any of us would do it just to put a smile on so many peoples face especially your mom and the rest of your family... things have really fallen apart since you left us.  RIP much love always and forever krista....  Close
Mija Jen  / Paco Chairez (Friend)  Read >>
Mija Jen  / Paco Chairez (Friend)
Hey Jen, sorry I havent written to you in so long, its crazy down here in college things are so hectic, but you really come to my mind when its time to make important decisions when partying with friends, and even then I wish you were still here to party with me down here, something we never had the chance to do, and I was thinking that it would have been so much fun to have you come and dance like the one time we danced at Krista's house, or the time Krista you and I fought Brian and Raff at her house, and you ran towards Brian and kicked him in the stomach but you bounced right off him because of his big belly! Haha those were great times Jen, because no matter how crazy we got, you never lost your cool, always wanting to have good ol time with your beautiful smile and personality that made you glow and lit any room that you walked into.
Things arent the same since high school, and you not being here is one of the most cruelest things that have happened in my life growing up, I look back and I see at how I have lost touch with everyone, but I could never lose touch with your spirit of adventureness Jen, and its that what makes you such an unforgettable girl.
I just want to remeber all the good times we had, like I remember you loved watching Friends in our big screen at my home, you loved my moms enchiladas, you liked my dog Kiko and you made him popular at school because you told them that he really did say Momma! Hahaha, and I remember how you defended me from Josh, something my own family members never did!
Well Jen I better go, and if there is one thing I regret in my whole lived life, is that I didnt get the chance to talk to you more right before you went to heaven and I will never forgive myself for that.
I love you Jen and I hope you take care of all of your good old friends from up above
Pac Close
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