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Butterflies / Janice (Diana's Friend )  Read >>
Butterflies / Janice (Diana's Friend )
"How does one become a butterfly?"
      Pooh asked persively
      "You must want to fly so much that your willing to give
       up being a caterpillar. " Piglet replied
      "You mean die?" Asked Pooh
      "Yes and No" he answered. "What looks like you die but what's live on."
We miss you Jen.... Close
Free / .. (Mom)  Read >>
Free / .. (Mom)
Jennifer, you are truly free now. Free from the boundaries of this world. Free from the sorrows and pain that this life brings. You were all to well aware of how cruel this world could be. Nothing can hurt you now.

So beautiful with your long blonde hair, brown eyes and that smile!

Growing up you were such a joy. Never fearful, always curious and trying to keep up with your brothers.

You taught me so many things day to day. Your kind spirit and loving ways are an inspiration to me.

I will live with half of my heart until I see you again.

Jenny!!! / Amanda Padilla (sister)  Read >>
Jenny!!! / Amanda Padilla (sister)
wow! you are absolutly breath taking! girl i wish you were in maui w/ me, i could just see you soaking up the sun and loving everyday.  Jen i love and miss you soo much. Dave and Diana I pray for you guys and Love you like you were my parents. God Bless and Love dearly-Amanda Close
Today and Everyday  / Janice Chadwick   Read >>
Today and Everyday  / Janice Chadwick
Today and Everyday you are missed and loved so much Jen.  It's that time of year again when your Mom would have been preparing for your special day.  A cake, family and friends to celebrate another wonderful year of your life.  Instead you will be with her in her heart, she will be missing you more than ever but hoping that your having a wonderful time in Heaven, making everyone there as happy as you did here on earth.  Last year on your birthday I stood on our deck at the lake, thinking about you and your Mom and knowing what a hard day it would be for her when Martina McBrides song came on the radio, In my Daughters Eyes, I cried so hard, what a beautiful song for some but how hard that song is for someone like your Mom.  This year I will be at the lake on Sunday, I will think about you all weekend and when I wake up Sunday morning my heart will ache for your Mom and I will wish you a Happy Day, Wherever you are.....
XX00 to you and your Family and Friends Jen.  

Thinking about you forever and always  / Jessica Capone (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking about you forever and always  / Jessica Capone (Friend)
Hey honey,
Just thought I'd write..To say hello and let you know how much we all miss you though I think you already know.  I sent your mom a message and let her know I'm going to send a few photos of you and some of the girls from my eighth grade dance.  You were such a doll with your curly hair.  I wish I could go back I wish I never would have left that small little town. Maybe I would have had the chance to really get to know the beautiful person that you would truly become.  I miss you jen although I dont share the memories that most of your friends do.  You keep me strong and help me not to take life for granted.  Me and Mike talk about you quite often.  He misses you too.. Well hopefully I can get those pics to your mom soon I know she would love to see them.  Well gotta go Love you always...Jessica
missing you more and more everyday  / Leslie McCarty (Family Friend )  Read >>
missing you more and more everyday  / Leslie McCarty (Family Friend )

Jen it seems like just yesterday we were at your house having your graduation party.  Why do these things happen to such wonderful people.  I cannot imagine what your purpose in life was that you had already fulfilled and god had to take you away from everyone so soon.  I know myself as well as everyone else miss it when you would walk into a room all smiles, and how you could light up that room just by walking in.  I saw Melissa with her baby at the store about a month ago.  She is so beautiful you would have loved her so much.  I know where you are at now is a beautiful place and I am sure that you make everyone there just as happy as you made everyone down here.  I know that you will one day be reunited with all of your family and friends, until that day please watch over everyone especially  your mom I cannot even imagine how hard this is on her.  

Love and Miss you

Not any easier  / Melisa S. (Sister)  Read >>
Not any easier  / Melisa S. (Sister)

I really hate this Jen!!! I miss you coming to my window at work to see your mom and see what I was doing. I hate the fact that it feels like you are missing out on so many things that you need to be here for. It's not any easier and it will never be any easier. I miss going to church with you now its just me at church....if I go. It breaks my heart not seeing you everyday. If I could hold on to that one moment where everyone one in the family was together and no one was gone and no one changed and got older........I hate this Jen! It's unreal and it doesn't make sense...why???????

Jen I miss you!!  / Amber Dennis (Friend)  Read >>
Jen I miss you!!  / Amber Dennis (Friend)
Hey Jen!! I was just sitting here thinking of you and how much fun we always had together!  I was just thinking about all the times we would cruise around and I would sing a song and of course I didn't really know the words and you would mute the song and listen to me pretend like I knew the song.........ha ha!! I know you really got a kick out of that.........and I am sure you still do because I still sing acting like I know the words to songs!! :)  I am sure you are laughing right now:)  WEll I hope you are laughing and being yourself up there.  I think about you often and I want you to be happy up there.  Keep an eye on me....I know you do!  I hope you watched all the beautiful fireworks....they were nice!  I love you and miss you a lot! WE will meet again and go cruising!! Love, Amber Close
my sympathy  / Jennifer Dixon (none)  Read >>
my sympathy  / Jennifer Dixon (none)
I never knew this beautiful young woman, I happened to do a 'google' search on my own name and this website came up. I have spent time reading through all the tributes and special messages and I feel compelled to write my own, even though I live all the way over in England. This young woman is so lucky to have been so loved in her short life, and I truely believe that heaven will be a beautiful place as she now graces it.

I hope the grief you all share becomes a little more bearable with time.

Jennifer x Close
NOT ONE DAY!!!  / :. (.   Read >>
NOT ONE DAY!!!  / :. (.


dang it  / ,.... .... (...)  Read >>
dang it  / ,.... .... (...)
dang it Jen.  if I only I would have been there that day.... :(  i miss you soo much.  DANG IT!  I dont know what else to say but "dang it"!  im so sorry i let  you slip away.  ill never stop thinking of you and loving you.  you still keep me strong...  everything you ever told... all the love you had for me will never leave my heart or mind.  i have yet to come across someone like you.  but thats ok cause i had the real deal which is you.  im sure youre seeing everything thats going on right now and i know youre behind me all the way telling me everything you feel.  just guide me through all these hard times... im doing good as a person its just that dang family thing.  its all good i know i will always have you.  no matter what jen... i know youre here by my side.  LoVe YoU aLwAyS..... aNd FoReVeR.  :( Close
SORRY / Melissa Smith   Read >>
SORRY / Melissa Smith

Tattered 'round the edges,
And faded now with time;
Memories that linger still,
Are what they left behind.
Like a precious package,
Kept in a secret room;
Each memory a treasure,
A family heirloom.

On rare and quiet occasion,
The package opens wide;
Revealing then the memories,
That nestle there inside,
Faces etched in memories
Like photos from the past;
Each snapshot printed in the heart,
Are memories that last.

Worn and ragged photographs,
So faded now with time;
Yet the lasting love deep in your heart,
Is what they left behind.

Sorry for not getting to visit as of late, but I am back on track, now that I am completely moved. Always loving and thinking of you and your family, Melissa
life is so precious...  / 12 (admirer)  Read >>
life is so precious...  / 12 (admirer)
      you come to my mind so often.  i have your picture that is like a pin by my bedstand.  when ever i feel down or low, i look at that picture of you (it's your senior one where you are wearing white) and i think of many things. 
i used to think i would die before i graduated.  i never thought i would make it this far, but really it isnt very far at all.  i've talked with my close friend about you, and we both feel the same way about you...that you were truly loved and everyone knew jen holbrook and show low.  i imagine what it would be like to live only one week after graduation, and its strange.  it's unimagineable.  i mean that was how long you were here.  i dont understand how the world keeps going.  if that was my life, just a week after graduation, i wouldn't have enough time to accomplish the goals of my life.  it seems so unfair to your mom and your family and krista and friends that you were taken away.  through your life jen, i've become a better person.  i dont take things for granted.  i just read your mom's tribute about the farthest star.  it made me cry.  i haven't been able to cry for quite some time  it seems now, and i thought maybe i wasnt capable of crying any more possibly...but i was wrong.  seeing how much your mom cares about you, it makes me so glad i have my mom.  she's asleep right now, but i will hug her in the morning and be glad that i am there in that moment in time.  life is too precious jen, and i'm glad you have helped me to see that better.  i went out to clear creek on senior ditch day this year, and you were in my thoughts.  i went out there taking a chance knowing that sr ditch day is maybe one of the most dangerous times to go out there, bc everyone is really crazy, but i went anyways.  i went carelessly out there, and saw your memorial.  i came back that nite and sat on the porch swing at my aunt's house and told my aunt and uncle about you.  i told them how i cant believe how precious life is, and how fast it is given and how fast it is taken.  i'm not careless with life any more.  it is too precious.  i dont know how your mom goes through every day and how she wakes up every morning.  it must really be a living nightmare for her.  i cant imagine the pain my mom would go thru if she lost me.  your mom is so strong.  i admire her as well.  two years ago jen...
Another Year  / Donna Ebel Krystal's Mom (friend)  Read >>
Another Year  / Donna Ebel Krystal's Mom (friend)
Just want you to know that Jen continues to be thought of so dearly. I just picture her beautiful smile and energy like usual. It has been two years and we haven't developed a name for this awful day.  Guess it will continue to be "D-Day". May you make it through this day with memories of Jen's life and the beautiful person she is. She continues to touch the hearts of so many people through the wonderful tribute her mom developed to honor and display her lovely daughter, Jennifer Marie.Love, Donna Close
One more  / JANICE   Read >>
One more  / JANICE

The if only's and why's still play out over and over in our minds.  Especially your Mom's.  One more time to hold you and tell you she loves you and to stay safe.  Now it's been the dreaded two years.  It is unbeleivable, as this all seems to us that it was yesterday.  Forever you will be in everyone's hearts, part of their lives and they all would do anything to have one more minute with you.  Jen you are an amazing girl, loved so deeply, missed so dearly. Give your Mom the strength to get through until that extraordinarily wonderful day that you will be together again.....My mind is with your family today, as always, giving them strength and love from many miles away....Thinking of you Diana, I am only a phone call away!
Jen, keep shining.
Love ya

thought of you  / Tiah   Read >>
thought of you  / Tiah

I miss you Jen. I was out doin counters in Winslow not long ago. I had to drive by the creek. I had tears in my eyes as I glanced over at the cross. I hope you heard all I was sayin to you. Jen, I have a favor to ask. Find Shiloh, he's a little new up there and show him the ropes. He's a little shy at first, but he's a cool kid. I know he'll have fun if he's with you. You always were the life of the party. Can't wait to see you again. Thanks sis, love ya.

Someone Special  / Leah Stuart (Friend)  Read >>
Someone Special  / Leah Stuart (Friend)

What is there to say that everybody hasn't already been said... I miss you everyone does... in the short time I knew you I knew if I needed someone to talk to or someone to back me up on things I could turn to good ol Jen and you would be there and somehow we lost touch and knowing that I hadn't talked to you and then found out I would never talk to you again broke my heart.... losing a friend makes you open up your eyes to a whole new world where little arguments with friends don't happen anymore and things you use to take for granted you now appreciate as much as you can..... its awful that it had to happen this way because you had so much going for you... between you being the best at everything you did you were gorgeous and wanted to go to school to be a nurse I remember you talking about it just like it was yesterday..... I miss you Jen and wish you were here you are so special to so many people and I hope you know that you have changed so many lives in more ways than one and for that you truly are an angel..... Luv ya Jen Always

:( / Krista M. (sis)  Read >>
:( / Krista M. (sis)
JEN!!!!!  Dang it.... Im so sad.  I wish you were still here.  I can't believe this happened to you.  Why you of all ppl.  WHY???  Im going to be 20 you should be here with me.  We should be planning out what were going to do for are birthdays.  You should be hanging out with me 24/7 like we used to.  You made me the happiest person in the world.  It just makes me sick and miserable to think that I lost you.  I want you back... here w/ me!!!  I went to a D-backs game the other day and the whole time I kept thinking to myself man I wish Jen was here.... I was thinking about how much fun I would be having if you were sitting next to me.  I just want to close my eyes and wake up to you ripping my sheets off of me... Telling me to get up LAZY, lets GO EAT!  Your most favorite thing to do.  I miss you so much Jen.  I wish there was something anything I could do to change this.  But then theres the harsh reality that theres not a damn thing I can do to fix this.  All I can do is reminisce.  Im sorry I wasn't with you june 3rd.... :( i love you jen... Ill never stop missing and thinking of you!  Please please give me a sign, come visit me in my dreams... something! I need you.... 

Another Day  / Donna Ebel Heartbroken (friend)  Read >>
Another Day  / Donna Ebel Heartbroken (friend)
Diana, here it is another Mother's Day without Jen or Krys.  It is so hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years since that awful day.  As the time goes by the heart becomes more broken, not less.  Oh, how we moms miss those special glances, meaningful hugs, great conversations  that were so abundant at one time. We would do anything to have one more chance. I know in my heart that when our girls left, they knew they were loved more than anything in the world.  As time goes by we miss them more than ever. Like you said, we prepare ourselves to be "motherless daughters" but never do you prepare yourself to become a "daughterless mother."  My heart aches for you.  I think about you throughout the day and you, too, are always close to my heart.
Love, Donna  Close
My heart hurts  / Melisa Serna (sister)  Read >>
My heart hurts  / Melisa Serna (sister)
Hey Jen!
It's been very, very hard without you here to do anything. I feel very lost Jen!!  I am living in one big circle!! You were always special but now that you are gone my heart hurts. There are so many things that we did!!! We went to the laundrymat like a few times and we sat on the table and talked about whatever. Or like the time you, Krista and me went to Phoenix to the water park. I had so much fun I'd never been to one and we went twice!!! I would curl your hair or Krista would before we or you would go out. We would get ready for church almost every Sunday at my house. There are so many memories that I love and remember!! I miss you very much Jen!!! I can't believe how much has been going on since what happened. I really, really, really need you right now and probably until I see again Jen in heaven!! What a place huh Jen!! I know that you are with the Lord and I can't wait to get there!!  Jen I wish you did not have to go!!! I really miss you!!! I hope this time will go fast and we can get tou where you are in heaven and live once again like it was with everyone. I learned that family is very important and I wish that I had my family very close to me. I just want you to know that I will always be your sister no matter what. You are the coolest chica ever!!! I LOVE YOU JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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