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10.21.07 / Krista Mckinnon (sis)  Read >>
10.21.07 / Krista Mckinnon (sis)

jen jen jen.... you are always on my mind.  Such a special person.  I wish wish wish everyday you were here w me.  I was thinking just now about what my life was like 3 yrs ago and it was pretty bad. I was so sad jen.  I  know  you know how hard i struggled...  I still do from time to time.  You are such a blessing to my life.  You saved me... jen your love will always be in my heart.  You were the best thing to happen to my life.  I will never get to experience what I experienced w you.  There isnt another you.  And I have finally came to the realisation that you are one and only jen.  I will never have a friend that can even compare to you.  People like you dont fall out of the sky...   I just wish I was doing your hair sooo bad.  Girl you would be so hooked up.  We'de be living the high life... you would be so spoiled.  your hair would be banging all the time... u know this!  Like we always planned .... we were going to live next door to each other when we were old and married and we would drink our coffee every morning and watch are hubbys moe the lawn and we would sit and complain about there snoring and smelly feet and hairy bodies...etc  :(.... not fair.  not fair at all.  I miss you jen....  :'( 
luv yuh like a sis
kritta b

GIRL!! / Cortney (Nix) Clark (friend)  Read >>
GIRL!! / Cortney (Nix) Clark (friend)
I often wonder where you would be and what you would be doing with your life! its crazy to think that there are so many different things that come to my mind that i could see. I would be doing to you what i am doing to everyone else and keeping in touch with them and always telling them how much i miss them, think about them and most important that i love them. I keep in touch so we never lose track of where everyone is at cause i want to see all my friends again. they mean to much to me. even though we go our separate ways, they are always in my heart. but something is different, you are not here for me to tell it to, but i know you can feel it in my heart and we have a connection here. You are always on my mind! There are things every day that remind me of you and it keeps you close to my heart. You have made me stronger and i thank you for that. You have made many people stronger by the example you set while you were oh this earth. You l it up a room with your beautiful smile, and that alone could and probably did change many peoples lives. i know it did mine. you didn't have many dull moments. I love you Jen!! Close
Birthday / Mom   Read >>
Birthday / Mom

Well Jen, I don't know what to say. You should be turning 21 today and you should be doing something fun to celebrate. You loved your birthday. you called it "Christmas" in July. That's why we put Christmas lights on your fort every year for your sleep overs. 

I remember this day being filled with girls and laughter, all of you jumping on the trampoline all night and hanging out by the fire. I'm sure the neighbors didn't get much sleep, I know I didn't :) but who cared, birthdays only come once a year and it was your day. I wanted it to be special, always.

I hope you remember me, your life, your birthdays, us!
Oh Jen, what I wouldn't do for one more day with you.. I would trade you places right now, this instant if I could..

I'm heartbroken and there is no happy birthday for you now, just your birthday.. 

I love you Jen and miss you with every part of my being!

Hey there "Jen the Queen"!!  / Kristy Dennis (Good Friend )  Read >>
Hey there "Jen the Queen"!!  / Kristy Dennis (Good Friend )
Jen, for some time now it seems that things have been nothing but crazy. When things get tough I somehow begin to think of you and how fun and careless you made life seem when I was around you. The times that you would do anything for your friends no matter what it was or trying to get your friends that didn't get along to make up so that you could have us all by your side all the time. You were the most careless yet the most loving person I can think of. I remember going to you mom's work also just to hang out and talk to her and make her laugh because of how crazy we were. I also remember when your mom took us to get our tongues pierced and she started freaking out because she thought you were going to die and she really didn't know that my dad did not give me permission to do it and I remember her asking me if I was sure my dad thought it was ok and the both of us assured her that it was, we were so bad, anything for each other but you mom was the best too. We were just two crazy teens looking for something to make is laugh as hard as we could and most of the time we would find that something and that was what made us have so much fun together. Those good times are things to remember forever but the one thing I will always remember is how much of a good-hearted person you were and how your family and friends came before anything and that is the way it should be, always. And just because your gone from earth, your soul is still here and you still are my friend and you will still come first along with the rest of my friends and family, I love you Jen. Talk to you later and don't have too many people laughing too hard in heaven I don't want anyone peeing on me, haha just kidding.....;) Close
:'( 7/18/07  / Krista M. (sis)  Read >>
:'( 7/18/07  / Krista M. (sis)
Dang it jen!  I miss you so much.  You have no idea.  I would give anything to have you here.  Lately I just can't get you off my mind and how bad I wish you were here.  I can't believe that this really had to happen.  Im so sad today.  I wish you were here Jen.  Your my best friend.  You're my sister.  I can close my eyes and go back to when we were hanging out cruisin the streets of holbrook and it feels like Im there again.  Pulling up to your moms wrk to walk to hensleys.  Or telling me I gotta go its almost noon I eat lunch w my mom every day.  Jen you are so lucky to have such a beautiful mom.  She was so good to you.  You guys were like best friends.  I always wanted that.  It made me happy and I felt loved just being around you two together.  I felt like I was apart of the fam.  Im so sorry this happened to you I wish I would have been there that day at the creek.  I wish I could have done something to prevent this.  I know your in a peaceful place getting the best of the best but its just a cold hard thing for me to understand :(  You were the best thing that happened to my life.  You were a very unique individual and I would give it all to have you back.  Not only were you so beautiful but you had the best heart out of anyone I know.  You were truely my best friend ever.  I will never come across such an angel.... till we meet again.  I hope you can remember me right now, I hope you can see me, I hope you can reminisce on all of our good times.  Send me a message, something.  I really need it right now.  :( thx for choosing to be such a good friend to lost w.out you...  I cant tell you how many times I go out w friends and then on my way home im bawling because its not the same.  It will never be the same.  luv always like a sis. Close
7.7.07 / Krista M. (sis)  Read >>
7.7.07 / Krista M. (sis)

 Hey women.  I miss you like craZy.  I would give anything to get to do your hair one more time.  I can't believe Im turning 21 time flys.  You were such an amazing person.  I don't think you ever really realised how awesome you were.  We were a blessing to each other.  We were going through so much together and you have no idea how much you helped me pull through everything I was going through.  You taught me what im worth and not to put up w any b.s.  You have made me such a strong person Jen.  Back in the day when it was me and you we didnt have a problem or a care in the world.  All we wanted to do was spend every last second together.  I remember when some weekends I would pick you up in Snowflake and then drive to HOlbrook take laps then take you back.  We were so crazy but didnt care.  We wanted to be around each other 24/7.  All we did was laugh... who wouldnt want to do that all day!?  Jen you helped me soo soo much you have no idea.  When I lost you my world came CRASHING down.  No one will ever understand why unless they really know me and everything I was going through.  JEN you were at one point alll I had.  Dad wasnt around mom wasnt around I dont need to get into details but I pretty much raised myself and had you by my side protecting me and showing me who I really am.  You were such a blessing to my life.  You still are.  I know that yr I lost you you were right there taking care of me.  I know I couldnt see you but there was a time when you were right there and I had never felt that happy since you passed away.  It changed my life it changed everything that I was going through.  I felt like I needed to be strong and Im here for a reason and one day when the time is right i'll see you again.  Time flys... that day could be tomorrow could be 50 yrs either way Im gonna be missin you the same and have just as much luv for my sis.   Im sure you know how close me and my Dad are... well I was telling him about everything I was going through growing up and when you passed... and he finally understood why it was such a blow to my life and heart when you passed away.  He even choked up a little bit and was like you guys were meant to be best friends... and its so true.  U saved me from so much and I did the same.  Ill never forget when we were taking laps one night and you were like I feel so safe w. you.  When Im w you I dont feel like anything bads gonna happen.  I said hell no nothing bads gonna happen.  I never ever wanted anything to happen to you.  And you were always the one wrecking your quad jumping it on jumps only 20 yr old men were jumping... I was on the sideline like make it JEN show em up!!  Omg memories.... those were some of the best times in my life.  I know I havent been to show low in a while... but I honestly think ill have a panic attack... seriously it would hit me like a ton of bricks and Im not ready for that right now.  I can say as much positive as I want but the cold fact of you being gone will never settle well in my heart.  My mind understands it but my heart can't take it.  Well I better end this but I just want you to know that you helped me get to where Im at today.  I did it first and for most for you and myself... but you were the one that helped me hold my head high even though tears poored down my face every day you helped me get in my car drive to school, go to work, and just do the best I can do.  Well here I am 20 turning 21.  3 yrs ago I didnt think i would make it to 21.  Luv yuh girl... luv yuh like a sis Kritta... ps i still have that birthday card you gave me when I turned 17... best thing I have ever recieved from someone... LUV ALWAYS xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey!!!! / Kayla Mcpherson (cousin)  Read >>
Hey!!!! / Kayla Mcpherson (cousin)
Hey jen,
hows it going up there, its really good here.I'm finally going into high school.I'm nervous, scared, but still excited. I wish you here and cant wait until i can see you again..i am going to disneyland next week with some of my friends. wish you were here!!!!love ya! Close
miss you  / Just A. Friend (friend)  Read >>
miss you  / Just A. Friend (friend)
my oh my how times passes by.  in 3 years so much has happened and i still cant believe that you arent here with us doing what we are doing.  going to school, getting married or having kids i just cant believe you arent here with us.  i know everyone still thinks about you all the time and loves you.  you are such a blessing to so many people, more than you will ever know.  i thought the sadness would mellow after time but i still feel as saddened and as shocked as i did 3 years ago.  we all still and will always miss you jen.  your sweet spirit and great smile touched so many lives.  you are greatly missed and always will be.  Close
3 years  / Jason Covert (Friend)  Read >>
3 years  / Jason Covert (Friend)

Recently I have been going through a few emails and I came across an email with the links to both yours and Megans website tributes and chills instantly came over me. I began to read things from your close friends and family and I cant imagine how they have felt the past 3 years, the emptyness they must have, and for that I felt that it would be necessary to tell you how lucky you are to have friends and family like you do. You are still loved by everyone of them and forever you will be missed. I truly wish your family the best and I am Sorry for thier loss. I know its three years late, but I felt that I needed to say something. We all miss you jenn and you will forever be remembered. Take care.. Jason

Missing You  / Leah Stuart (Friend)  Read >>
Missing You  / Leah Stuart (Friend)

Where do I start..... Well it seems just like yesterday you were telling me to find you out on a lap so we could cruise together lol.... the good ol days..... Its still so hard to believe your not here..... I see pictures of you or you get brought up in a story from school and it just doesn't seem real.... All of us miss you so much and you being gone has impacted so many people....  There isn't a day that goes by when I wish things would have just been different in so many ways...... It seems like after you were gone there was a chain reaction and everyone I care about was gone too.... first you then my grandma then Jess, Damien and Mr. Koury and all of you are the greatest people I have ever known..... Then just recently my friend Jake took his own life and I just didn't get it...... All this is just so unreal to me but I have our memories and it helps because not me not anybody will ever forget you.... Not Jen you were way to unique you were seriously crazy and so much fun to be around and thats why I love you..... Take care Jen watch over your parents they need you..... Tell everyone up there I miss them ...... laterz gorgeous girl..... Love Always, Leah

MY JEN!!  / Cortney C. (friend)  Read >>
MY JEN!!  / Cortney C. (friend)
Beautiful Jen!! How are you?  I was just  thinking of you today and came on here to visit.  I have been thinking alot bout you, i really don't think a day goes by Ever that i don't think about you and the great love you had for life.  You were a shining star!  You will always be one in my heart.. You have a special place in my heart and i will never ever forget you!  I Miss you Jen!  Keep watching over everyone down here...Hey guess who i thought of the other day??? oh yeah, you better believe it, CORKY!! Ha ha.. remember when he came and knocked on our hotel door?? Oh how i miss the fun times, but i am so glad i have memories and i made so many with you in the short time i knew you?  i feel that i have known you forever!! I love you Jen, you take care!! I will be here always.. I LOVE YOU girl!! Close
For Every Moment  / Carla Hannibal (Another grieving Mom )  Read >>
For Every Moment  / Carla Hannibal (Another grieving Mom )
For Happy moments, praise God.
For Difficult moments, seek God.
For Quiet moments, worship God.
For Painful moments, trust God.
For Every moment shared with Jennifer, thank God. Close
just thought id let u know  / Krista M. (sis)  Read >>
just thought id let u know  / Krista M. (sis)
Im SINGLE!!!!  Woo hoo.... and I got my first place all on my own... an apartment 5 mins from where i work :) gonna be full time on the floor in 4 months. almost bought a new car ,,, but didnt.... i thought nahhh i dont like payments ;)  Well i know you already know this and are happy for me... luv yuh jennnn miss yuh like crazy!!!  ps That guy im seeing nows hotttt... but nothin serious... too young. k women love you always!!! Close
MERRY XMAS JEN  / Krista M. (sis)  Read >>
MERRY XMAS JEN  / Krista M. (sis)
Hey.  I know i havent been on here in forever.... i guess with time it gets harder and harder.  I guess I just wanted to say I love you and miss you... even though you already know that.  I always reminisce about the good ol days and my boyfriend pretty much knows everything we did :)  I miss you so much.  I always think what wede be doing if you were here.  Probably living it up.... looking good and breaking hearts.  Hahaha yelling at each others ex boyfriends cause we couldn't stand them.  I can only imagine how beautiful you would be too.  And you know your hair would be looking good every day all day.  Youde have your own personal hair stylist ;)  and wede probably be broke as a joke living on ramen noodles.... but still having the time of our lives.

Well thx for helping me pull through loosing you... pretty much you were the only thing that kept me going that first yr.  But I made it and Im working at an awesome beautiful salon... being a lame "adult" and waiting for the benjamins to roll in ;)  Watch in 6 months im gonna be ballin.  Buy me some 22's... and bumpin your man Pac. w the top down!!!  I might be single then cause I like my space who knows... i got a good one though FINALLY!!  I found someone that will listen to me and say yes master...jk  you know i got to joke.  But hey.... I wont need anyones money YES finally on my damn own... dont need to hear any crap.  Just like you wrote in that letter.... "Your gonna make something of yourself and you wont need shi* from anyone"!!!  Well jen be there for your family the best you can they really need your warm spirt.  We all do...   I know im going home for x-mas but I dont know if I can swing by show low... its hard going over there... i dont do to good when i do that....  But anyways Merry christmas  hope heaven has a beach and you have your feet up slurpin on a pina colada watchin the sun go down.  Luv you jen... ps i want to get another tat in memory of you :0.... luv yuh like a sis.... kriTTa B PPS send me a KISS for xmas that will make my whole 2007 YR AWESOME Close
love / Cortney Clark (friend)  Read >>
love / Cortney Clark (friend)
Hey Jen!! I saw your mother a couple weeks ago.  it was so great to see her and when she hugged me i know you were with both of us.  you are so missed but you are in a great place living a new mission that was in store for you.  you continue to have a great BIG heart in my life and i see and think of you everyday.  i love you girl!  and Diane, i love you too!  it was so great to see you!  you brought memories into my heart.  I love Jen so much and always will.  She has a great spirit.  You continue to stay strong for she is always with you!  Jen, you listen, you continue to be with us.  you are always felt in my heart and i see your smiling face everyday somewhere!! it brings me so much Joy.  i know we will all see you on the other side, you and megs are just waiting with open arms.  I love you girl!  keep with me, your family, and everyone else.  we alll love you deeply and miss you!! I LOVE YOU JEN!!! Close
jen,jen,jen / Cortney Clark (Nix) (friend)  Read >>
jen,jen,jen / Cortney Clark (Nix) (friend)

My love!  i miss you tons girl. i have not left a comment in a long time but i hope you know i think of you all the time.  the other day that friend of mine that reminds me of you and i were talking.  i can't ever help but see you in her.. i know you are there when i feel that.  you never leave.  what a special peace you bring to my heart.  i love you tons and think of you every day!  you are in a great place, i know that, you are still strong and make each of us stronger.  i love you!

another day without you  / Angela Tryon (Friend)  Read >>
another day without you  / Angela Tryon (Friend)
Hey Jen!!  Holly, Baylee, and I went to go visit you today!! I hope you liked your roses! The vibe of being there Jen is amazing.  I get chills sometimes when I pray and talk to you or ask God to send me a sign to let me know your happy, but the feeling when I am there is just...I cannot find the word....if there is even one.  I get these chills that wont go away.  I know your there, I know you can see us visiting you.  I wanted you to meet my baby girl...I took a picture of her there to show her when she gets older.  She is beautiful huh?? I REALLY miss your smile...your spirit...everything about you!! There is not a single thing that someone can do like you...your a very unique person Jen.  The way you talked and told stories about what happened the night was just soo...JEN!! ya was you....and I miss that.  Holly and I talked on the way home about how hard it must be for your family and for Krista..I know your watching over them giving them the most strength you can...ugh...when I write on here nothing comes out right.  I know the lord is taking good care of you and your probably the prettiest angel up there :0) hehe!!  I promise to visit more and help put pretty things by your site to remind you how much I care....I will continue to pray to you...You'll never be replaced..when I am 50 years old Holly and I will still drive up to see you and leave crying wishing we saw the day you had your wedding, kids, grandkids....whatever you would have done with life...I know you feel a happiness that we cannot here.  I try to put sense that God gives everyone a time, he puts people here to serve a purpose...I dont know how many people lives you touched but it was A whole life went upside down.  I never lost a friend before you.  I still am mad that I never talked to you about our fight, why was I soo stubborn?!?  Now I talk things out, I never go to bed mad at someone, and I cherish every day I wake up to see another day .  But why did you have to go for me to learn that?  Well Miss. Jen I am gonna head to bed.  The memories you have given me are forever locked in my heart....your one of the greatest people I know...and even though Gods plan was to let you stay only for a short time...I am glad I had the honor to meet you!! Because without you...I couldnt look at the sky and smile the way I do :) I MISS YOU :(  Sweet dreams beautiful ANGEL!! Close
In Memory of our Angel (Stephanie Parivar)  / Sandy Parivar   Read >>
In Memory of our Angel (Stephanie Parivar)  / Sandy Parivar
Reading Jennifer's site brings so many of my emotions that are parelled by your eloquent writings about Jennifer.  My own daughter, now an Angel in Heaven, seems so much like Jennifer.  You express her love of the elderly, you express her "light", just her beautiful being.  All I can say is, I do understand, no there are no words to explain the greif, the pain, the loss, the missing, but there is a feeling in the heart that is equal with us all.  I always thought that our Stephanie had so very much to give this earth, with her kindness, her love, her magnetic ways, but I guess that Heaven is a more deserving place for all of these attributes, just hard for us to understand.  Every day is empty, every day is now lived by a mother who has a torn soul.  I understand the part of you that you say you buried with your daughter.  It is a large part, a part of you that expresses love, now replaced by emptiness and emotions made for others but not what is really felt inside.

We have to go on, we have to take care of our other family members, and we have to try to make peace with the fact that our daughters are truly OK.  They miss us too, but this life truly is short, although some days it seems like forever that we have held them in our arms, or brushed their hair, or gone shopping for that special gown for another special occasion.


God Bless these beautiful Angels, and as my daughter Stephanie used to always say "see you soon, I love you Mom" Close
Missin ya more....  / Angela Tryon (ol' friends.... )  Read >>
Missin ya more....  / Angela Tryon (ol' friends.... )
Hey baby girl!! I havent written in soo long.  I have a little girl now.  She was born on May 12, 2006.  Her name is Baylee!! She is soo beautiful Jen.....I know you will help me look after her.  I am gonna bring her to go visit you in a little bit and bring you some pretty flowers.....I also moved back.  Which is nice..I get to go see you more.....Things havent gotten any easier.  I thought as time passed things would be easier...well..they are not jen.  The hurt never goes away...I miss you more and more as time goes by.  I pray at night and talk to you..I hope you hear me....... Close
i really miss you  / Kayla Mcpherson (cousin)  Read >>
i really miss you  / Kayla Mcpherson (cousin)
hey there,
 well i really started to relise that you are really gone. i keep waiting for you to pick up the phone and call me.on my e-mail address book you are still in it. i really hope that when i get up to heaven that you will be there at heavens gate holding out your arms waiting for mom (missy) and auntie keep telling me that i have the same hair as you. and that i have the same faciel expressions as you . you have no idea whats its like not being able to see your beautiful face anymore. its tearing me up inside. my hair finally got as long as yours 

                                                                         your baby-girl
                                                                       (kayla) Close
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